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Name:Death the Kid
Location:Death City, Nevada, United States of America
Kid, otherwise known as Death the Kid, is a Death God. As a younger Shinigami, he has not developed all of his possibilities and powers. In what seems to be the natural order, the Death Gods dictate the state of the world and the rules of those within it. However, due to the nature of their world, this is not a status gained automatically but rather a matter of who strikes first. A matter of who has the power to define and to decide, to take down all challenges.

But there are not many challenges. Death Gods have been in control so long that nobody has any idea that could be changed. The image of it being natural is enforced by this. Therefore, those who want to change things tend to think of it in the moment rather than in the whole.

The current man in charge of all is Lord Death, Kid's father. He also happens to be in charge of a school known as the Death Weapon Meister Academy, which is located in Death City, Nevada. This school exists to teach meisters and weapons how to develop to their absolute very best and help protect the world.

A meister, also known as a technician, is defined as someone who has a soul wavelength that is better than normal. A weapon is someone who is born with the ability to change from human to a weapon. The form of the weapon will depend from person to person, and in some cases by family. Weapon function is all related to what blood you inherit, but this does not mean that everyone with this possibility will have the ability - or be aware of it if they do. It is far rare for a weapon to be able to wield themself. At the current moment, only two are capable of this, though [info]harmonicalsoul is beginning to gain aspects that may lead to this possibility.

At DWMA, there are different curriculums and Kid is associated with Class Crescent Moon. There are many whom do not understand his decision to attend the school, as by nature, a shinigami ought not to need it. His choice is based both on his care for those who are there and his care for his own weapons.

He recognizes that he can only develop them to the very best in this way. A weapon requires 100 souls to achieve the higher level, known as Deathscythes. The makeup is 99 human souls and 1 witch soul. Further on, as he intends to craft his weapons into Deathscythes, he will have to collect for each of them: in the end, it will total 198 human souls and 2 witch souls. Tricky. Through this, and with great assistance, he leads his own path towards eventually becoming the Ruler of a New World Order.

His weapons are two twin guns forms, born through two sisters: one older and one younger. Together with Kid this team tends to be referred to as Troika. Being able to wield more than one weapon is rare, but with his status it is no surprise that he is capable of it.

Kid showed his kindness through meeting them. He saved them from a life on the streets and has always made sure that they are well taken care of and quite content. He has grown to love them very much. His determination, of course, shines through all of this. Kid refuses to give in to any alternatives to his own decisions. He will not be swayed from his path, even if there is a few bumps along the way.

One bump is his asymmetriphobia. Kid has Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and through this, defines a large part of his happiness on it existing. When something is not correct, it will lead to extreme solutions or extreme physical reactions (and sometimes both). His obsession can lead to some interruptive conclusions, such as missing a day of school because he needed to straighten his picture frames, or being hours late because he just could not make the toilet paper look right. To make matters worse, he has white stripes in his hair - white strips that are not symmetrical. Dye just does not work, because as a Shinigami his body will purge that solution and he is back to square one! However, these lines are controlled in appearance by the powers he discovers, so this may correct itself later on.

It is unknown if he will learn to control his OCD someday. But his abilities are high and they have even earned him a spot in an elite group of the academy, known as Spartoi. While Kid is capable of being humble, stubborn is his middle name, and it will surely put him in charge of the world when his father is gone. For now, it is just a matter of waiting.

Death the Kid is from the Soul Eater manga, not the anime. He is the property of Atsushi Okubo and Bones Studio. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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